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The Middle Eastern nation expects to raise output by 1 million barrels a day by the end of Iranian year in late March.

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"It's too early to talk about conclusions," he said on Russian television from Cairo.

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About 70 % of city students are black and Hispanic.

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However, it plans to open a new coal mine every month and double its coal production and use by 2020.

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Broadly speaking, Judaism in America falls into three categories: Orthodox, Conservative and Reform

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The story began when a violent confrontation was captured on closed-circuit television

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“If human remains are encountered, an attempt would be made to recover them.”

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27, from $13.32billion the week before.

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Eastman easily diagnoses Morgan as having PTSD after losing his loved ones - "you loved them a lot if you're like this" - and he tries to talk him through it

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And so, as the clock wound down, Baltimore found itself in a familiar situation.

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All health plans under the ACA cover 10 basic services, the out-of-pocket costs of which are the same across the board

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Zobrist sprinted through third base on coach Mike Jirschele’s signal

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He has said that the unforgiving libertarianism of Ayn Rand — whose books include one called “The Virtue of Selfishness” — inspired him to enter politics

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The owner of bothcompanies is close to Gulen and the firms have been underinvestigation for accusations of terrorism

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They had a 2.3 improved chance of seeing an improvement in their mental health compared to those who kept on smoking.

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New York (2-1) has finished with just three winning records since the end of the 2000-01 season and reached the playoffs four times

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Saudistocks rose 0.9 percent, recouping most of the previoussession's losses, with other regional bourses following.

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Although Decker insisted that “there’s no starting over” with Smith, the Jets will need to hit the re-boot button with the more inexperienced quarterback now.

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“Ronnie, you need to look at yourself.”

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Beamer’s son, Shane, is also on the staff and stepped in as acting coach after last season, when he elder Beamer had throat surgery.

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And things are starting to shift, for URL to IRL [internet slang for 'in real life']

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Not only that, you can imagine that a number of other fast food joints will get on this as well

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"When there's a special moment in the game and a play has to be made, they made the play."

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Polanski pleaded guilty to coaxing Geimer with drugs and champagne, shooting topless photos of her and having sex with her during a photo shoot for Vogue

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Jose Reyes hit a leadoff homer in Game 6 of the 2006 NL Championship Series.

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However, trading volume over the same period increased 0.9percent to 28.23 billion yuan ($4.47 billion).

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Almost half of claims for ESA are for mental health sufferers, according to the charity, Mind.

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The Jets’ defense, which entered the game ranked No

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1, 2015, near Wilson Hall, pictured here, and Gleason-Hairston Terrace on the campus of Winston-Salem State University in Winston-Salem, N.C

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It contains sugar, artificial and natural flavors, carbonated water, food starch, citric acid, and preservatives.

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The amount paid by CCGs per cycle can range from less than 3,000 to more than 6,000, according to data collated by campaign group Fertility Fairness in 2014-15 through the Freedom of Information Act.

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The business is headquartered in Ipswich, with regional offices in Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire, Norfolk and Essex.

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The South Koreans have had peacetime control of their forces since 1994

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"It's consumer, consumer, consumer," said Bill Phelan,President of PayNet

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Apple seems to expect that they command a certain degree of respect, which is why it is rare—as in the case of the Apple Watch—for them to give out discounts like this

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If there were no recall, the researchers estimated, there would be another 140 related deaths as the nitrogen oxides emissions continue through 2035

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That no-one has died on this stretch of road over the past twelve months is a miracle

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Findmypast family historian Myko Clelland offers advice on the best ways to start your search

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The experts acknowledged that teenagers with mental health conditions were more likely to partake in unhealthy behaviours, such as smoking, drug abuse and a lack of exercise

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These events included the death of a close relative, marital problems, financial struggles, losing a job and problems with the pregnancy itself.

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Three plays later, Brees hit Brandon Cooks for another go-ahead TD.

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To measure the problem, the AP obtained records from 41 states on police decertification, an administrative process in which an officer's law enforcement license is revoked

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Tom Ford has pretty much shaped what is glamorous and sexy for two decades now and he even manages to translate that through his accessories

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After five movies failed to draw moviegoers last week, Hollywood whiffed again over the Halloween weekend as four new movies went largely ignored in favor of trick-or-treating

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But being the sole party in power, Erdogan will be able to reassert his influence over government from the grandeur of his newly built presidential palace.

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Women lose bone rapidly in the first few years after the menopause which can lead to osteoporosis and the risk of fractures.

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Logano had the dominant car, and Kenseth, who was in an earlier wreck with Brad Keselowski, came back on the track 10 laps down and drove Logano into the wall.

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As proved by Keira, who's worn these boots more times than we can count, a pair of these bad boys will last you forever and just get better with age

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Prices rose much faster than overall inflation, which was around 1.5% between 2013 and 2014

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